Maria Kuhn UX Portfolio


Current 2018

UX Designer | Tracker project. The tracker will provide a single location for customers to review the status of projects.

Journey Map

Current 2018

UX Reseacher | Journey Map project. The Journey Map project consists of customer interviews, workshops, and journey maps to better understand the current state of a customer's journey.


Financial Dashboard 2017-2018

UX/UI Designer | Dashboard project. The financial dashboard provides customers with a snapshot of their finances.

Style Guide

Beverage Industry 2017

UI Designer | Style Guide project. The (Bootstrap) Style Guide ensures a consistent look and feel for company apps.


HEROES Care 2016-2017

UX Designer | inReach Network project. The inReach Network solution pulls together common functionalities needed by charities in an integrated and user-friendly way.

Credit Application

Agricultural Finance 2016

UX/UI Designer | Credit Application project. The Credit Application allows farmers to apply for credit online 24x7.